eCURE HMIS has a wide range of pathology labs information module that is specifically used to disseminate and record the data corresponding to the entire test performed in the laboratory. It facilitates users by providing the functionality of receiving online requests from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to create requests.

Pathology lab module is especially incorporated to centralize entire database and modules of hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories in a single unified interface. Information related to, online receipt of request, billing of tests, reports delivery and many more can be easily accessed and maintained through this system.
It is highly supportive in maintaining records of all tests performed under different disciplines. Before or after the examination, lab personnel can save the data related to patient’s problem along with sample number which can be further accessed by anyone have authority of using the software.

Features of Pathology Lab Management System

  • Create, Find, Modify and view all kinds of initial setting i.e: report style, title, machine, specimen, group, sub-group, test service&service item information.
  • Create, Find, Modify and view money receipt information.
  • Due collection.
  • Input pathology test result by lab.
  • Maintain deliver report information.
  • Related report generation.