eCURE HMIS offers another integral module on in-patient admission and discharge. This module takes care of admission and the discharge process of a patient seamlessly. This module enables the search on availability and manages the allocation of a bed, ward and room to a patient according to availability or costs associated. It takes care of appropriate discharge process is followed and also ensures a comprehensive discharge summary is generated at the end.

Features of Patient Admission and Discharge Management

  • Comprehensive form for collection of precise data regarding the patient admission
  • View admitted patient’s information.
  • Canceling admission when will be required.
  • Bed and ward allocation for specific patient.
  • Request &Release admitted patient.
  • Create patient’s discharge certificate information.
  • Prepare final bill and settlements.

Related report generation i.e: discharge, money receipt, death certificate etc.

Patient Admission

Bed Census Management

The bed census management module maintains the record of bed occupancy status at all times. It facilitates the estimation of appropriate waiting times for patients and avoids unnecessary empty beds. It helps the healthcare organization in reducing the bed turnover time which is very essential for optimization of the revenues. It also provides statistical information regarding the occupancy status of a bed over a period of time.

Features of Bed Census Management

  • View Current bed allocation status.
  • Monitoring and reducing the bed turnover time.
  • Calculation of revenue generated from each type of bed.
  • Create, Find, Modify and view room & bed Information.

Bed Management